Denver Beer Co.

Bike Racks

Perspective designed simple, elegant bike racks designed to maximize storage in a small space for Denver Beer Co. The racks incorporate shapes that share the same radius of curvature with the nearby railing system to help them integrate seamlessly with the space. Proportional copies of several DBC serving glasses are also incorporated as marquis elements.

  • Denver Beer Co.- bike rack

Front Patio

The owners of Denver Beer Co. are inspired by the ethos of Germany’s beer gardens and wanted their large front patio to capture that communal atmosphere of warmth, friendship and belonging. PDF expertly expresses that feeling in the design and fabrication of the railings, planter system, and tensioned cable lighting that also allow hop plants to grow overhead in the summer. The planters have false bottoms and insulation allowing for optimal soil volume and root temperature range. DBC has been recognized by local and national publications as having one of the best beer gardens in Denver and the country.

  • Denver Beer Co.- front patio


Design, Fabrication