Perspective Design Fabrication was created to extend the artistic passion for creative design and superior craftsmanship into a more community-oriented and functional application. We focus on developing a collaborative partnership with our clients that fosters creativity and consistent communication in order to achieve consistent, high-quality results with a strict attention to detail.


Charles Lefkowitz

Charles Leftkowitz

Charles has deep roots in the fine arts and an abiding passion for working with his hands. Add to that a quirky sort of fascination with mathematical formulas, codes and patterns and you begin to appreciate the level of intelligent and thoughtful creativity that inspires him. Looking back, it now seems only natural that Charles would find a way to transform that artistic imagination and love of detailed craftsmanship into a source of professional balance and satisfaction. He admits that it’s the collaborative relationships with individual clients, business owners and artists that continues to fuel his passion for truly unique and inspired design and fabrication projects.

Charles began doing fabrication work in 2007 for several restaurants and translated that experience into a full-time career in design and fabrication in 2009 while continuing to create and show his metal sculpture. The pursuit of both fine art and fabrication helps continue to fuel a very creative and synergistic relationship between his personal and professional this goals. Charles’s commercial experience includes designing and fabricating beer gardens, large-scale public art, stage sets for events at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and original, economical railing systems and bike racks around Denver.

Charles’s educational background includes both fine art and welding certification. His first showing was in 2002 at The Other Side Arts in Denver. His involvement with this organization blossomed over the years to include stints as an Art Educator and member of the Board of Directors. Charles continued to show his work at The Other Side Arts, other galleries in the Denver area and the East Coast. Check out his current and past artwork at charleslefkowitz.com.

Devin Gores

Devin Gores

Devin’s no-nonsense advice to friends who climb with him is pretty direct – “Don’t fall”. And though he says it with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek grin, you know know he’s serious. He tends to push the limits of his outdoor pursuits of rock and ice climbing, telemark skiing, and cycling in much the same way he pushes the limits of his passion for art, design and trade-quality craftsmanship with his business. Yet he still retains the tireless, unbridled curiosity and enthusiasm of a child when he’s doing something he loves.

Devin has been running his own design/fabrication business for over 13 years. After spending ten of those years working with Charles Lefkowitz on various projects, it seemed only natural to combine their talents to achieve something better with Perspective Design Fabrication. Devin loves working across a broad palette of mediums and stays grounded by remaining committed to developing environmentally conscious projects from design to demo. He especially thrives with the challenge of helping his clients solve complex design, engineering and construction problems. Devin brings a professional level of determination, commitment and thoughtfulness to all his projects to ensure they will pass the test of time with an enduring sense of functionality and style.

Devin’s educational background includes a BA in Industrial Design from The Art Institute of Colorado, SolidWorks certification from Red Rocks Community College, and welding certifications from Emily Griffith Community College. His 20+ years of experience working with clients in the field keeps him excited about continuing to bring a unique blend of artistic sensibility and technical problem solving to all of his projects.

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