Alexan Julian

Plaid Walls

Perspective Design used this custom steel plaid pattern to form both freestanding walls wrapping a glass office and as accent trim throughout the leasing area.

Clubhouse Ceiling Cage

A custom detail in the clubhouse, this decorative ceiling feature was custom fabricated to fit in tangent above the bar’s ceiling decorative wallpaper and ceiling lighting. It creates beautiful shadows and a unique element in the space.

Clubhouse Glass Doors

These functioning powder-coated steel and glass doors are designed to open for quick access to the lights and for cleaning.

Custom Railing

You can find these custom fabricated and powder coated decorative rails In between the lobby and entering the clubhouse.  Every element of the rails is bespoke.

Fitness Room Metal Wall Covers

Made from waxed mild steel, the metal wall covers in the fitness room are notched to accommodate outlets and lighting switches.

Roof Drink Rails and Legs

Sitting on the 6th-floor rooftop patio of  Alexan Julian, these drink rails create a bar height space for tenants to come and view the skyline of Denver.  The rails were designed and fabricated to last in the outdoor environment, and their finishes mirror surrounding metalwork.  The legs feature the same plaid pattern seen in the lobby.